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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Survey report on optical dispensing

Survey Report
Optical Dispensing
Purpose of the survey
This report presents the results of a study on optical dispensing. The purpose of the survey was to determine how many people know what the optician's job is and what we need to do to become an optician. Another goal was to see how many people need glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision problems.
This survey consists of an analysis of students in my English group at CEGEP Édouard-Montpetit. All of the respondents answered my survey on Survey Monkey and I collected nine results to nine respondents. My questionnaire contained seven multiple-choice questions and three yes/no questions. In all, I have ten questions that students caned answer.
The results show me that respondents don’t know correctly what the optician's job is and what the studies for becoming an optican are but they know where this technical program is
Optician Job
Sell glasses and contact lens
Make eyes
Vision problem
Settle problem
Contact lenses
10 50 100 %
given. I learned that many students have vision problems and I know how they settle their problems ( with glasses and contact lenses).
The results demonstrate the importance of vision problems in student's lives. Even though only 33.3% of students don’t have vision problems, 11.1 % were near-sighted, 33.3% were far-sighted and 22.2% of students have other vision problems. In the society almost 80.0 % of people have vision problems in their life. According to the number of my respondents, it’s almost an average. To solve their problems most people use glasses (55.6%) and/or contact lens (55.6%) and the others use nothing because don’t have problems with their vision.
It is safe to assume that I didn’t have so many respondents to my survey to make a good analysis on this and I didn’t have the most serious students to answer my questionnaire. I was so surprised when I discovered that there was just one person who, maybe, wanted to know more information about the optician's job and eight people who didn’t want to know anymore about this. If I changed anything on my survey I think it’s my multiple-choice questions. I think that I reached the goal I had when I wanted to make a survey on optical dispensing.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Survey about Optical Dispensing

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My home town

My Home Town

I was born in 1987,on July 31, in Saint-Romain a small town near Lac-Mégantic. My small
town has a small grocer store that closed recently. We have about 700 people in the village and everyone knows each other and we are so happy all the time. The primary school is very small and it’s just next to my home, so I don’t walk far to go to school. My whole family “Fortier” lives in Saint-Romain so I saw them very often. We have one main street and 2 or 3 secondary streets. My family lives on the first secondary street name “Couvent” and their is a fire station just before my home . We have a company to repair and sell small engines such as chain saws, mowers, tractors, etc. So it’s my home town and I like to come back to see my family they stays over there because it’s just me who changed the place to study and the rest of my family is still in Saint-Romain.